Committees and Groups

The student union has 7 different committees and 8  groups with the goal to give the students at Käftis a memorable time at the school. All members can either work actively in the different committees/groups or just enjoy the events that they organize. For more information, see below.


Internationella utskottet (The International committee)

The international committee are ”taking care” of the exchange students at the school and represent the students at the European Dental Students Association (EDSA) each year somewhere in Europe. They also work together with the Board of Education at the school to make connections to other universities for exchange agreements. During the year they organise many fun events, such as quiz nights and excursions around Malmö. The language is English. For more information visit the International committee on Facebook or contact Lisa Wallman, president of the committee in 2019.

President: Lisa Wallman

Idrottsutskottet (The Sports Committee)

Every Saturday at 12-14 does the committee organise different sports events at Orkanen Campus. The activities differ from week to week and will be announced at least some days in advance in their facebookgroup. They also organise different tournaments every year, such as beach volleyball and golf. In the spring of 2016 there will also be a ”Battle of the classes”, where the different classes at school compete against each other for the honor and the prestigious trophy.

President: Milan Sava

Kulturutskottet (The Culture Committee)

What’s culture for you? The committee organise different activities depending on what the members want to do each yeas. Things they have organised the last year: painting classes, visits to the opera house and other theatres, baking days and themed dinner parties. So if you want to get a bit more cultural or just meet new people, don’t hesitate to join the committee. Contact Stephanie Pekarski for more information.

President: Louise Bosevski


The newspaper of the union, which will be given out four times a year. Many articles are in Swedish but we would love for more international students to make contributions to it. The contents differ from different testing panel articles to interviews and love notes. The meetings will be announced by the editors and all union members are welcome to join the committee.

: Ardwan Said

Sexmästeriet (The Social Events Committee)

The committee organises all sorts of social events, such as the After Clinic each Friday at 5 pm and different dinner parties. They also assist all the other committee’s and group’s events if needed, and are responsible for ”the Oral Room” (Orala rummet). Every spring they arrange a themed dinner party event together with the Cultural Committee and the board of the student union, and every autumn there’s an Octoberfest or Halloween party, on which both the teachers at the school is invited too. ”Sexmästeriet” bring the students together and also give the teachers an opportunity to spend time with their students more casually.

President: Nathalie Bromé

Finance officer
: Anton Stensson

Diastämma (choir)

The choir of the school, with at least two concerts each year – one around Christmas and one on ”Valborg” (the last day of April). They usually sing in Swedish but if you enjoy singing and are not afraid of a bit of a language challenge, don’t hesitate to attend one of their training sessions. They meet every Tuesday night in the room outside the Aula.

President: Rebeca Sava

Näringslivsutskottet (The Business World Committee)

This is a newly started committee that are responsible for the contact with the business world outside the school. They arrange the yearly ”Inspirationsdagen”/Inspiration Day, where different firms come to the school to expose themselves to the students.

President: Bojan Josić

Kofferdamerna and the bitewings (The Cofferdams and The Bitewings)

The dance committee of Käftis, who entertain the students at the different dinner parties and other events during the year. All union members are welcome to join the committee as long as you enjoy dancing and performing.

: Jennifer Mattson


BK Käftis (Football team)

BK Käftis is the football team of the school, with both a ladies and mens team, who play in the ”Korpen” series once a week during football season. They also arrange other activities such as training days and other events. The games are 2×20 minutes on a small football court. All members of the union are welcome – you don’t have to be Zlatan! Any questions? Contact Emma Lingtell or Mohammed Rezai.


President ladies team: Emma Lingtell

President mens team: Mohammed Rezai

Sällskapsspelsklubben (Parlor Game Club)

SSSK is Käftis new game club where stressed out students can meet just for a good company and laughter. SSSK will hold game evenings where everyone is welcome!

Presidents: Carola Nguyen and Stephanie Pekarski

Ångmaskinsgruppen (The Steam Engine Group)

We sit around a steam engine, drinking Zingo and talk. Everybody’s welcome!

President: Damon Nielsen

Alpingruppen (The Alpine Group)

The Alpine Group is a newly formed group  Alpingruppen är en nystartad grupp with a focus on skiing! We will plan a ski trip to the Alps Week 3 every year and Vallaafton, ski-maintenance and trips to Vallåsen or Isaberg. You are all welcome, whether you have competed against Ingmar Stenmark in the 80’s or never been on skis. We have also a ski-instructors in our group who would like to give tips on skiing if desired and an old competitor who will help you with everything from skis to clothes after weather. Welcome to the group!

President: Christoffer Sörebö

Fikagruppen (The Snack Group)

We arrange so you have something tasty for the coffee! Trips to discover new flavors and get to know different ”Fika” cultures.

President: Mehdi Hoetary

Balkomittén (The Ball comittee)

Arranges the annual Odontology Ball every spring. A grand tradition for both students, alumni and teachers since 2017.

President: Victoria Kjelland

Parodiit (Vocal group)

Parodiit is the school’s own vocal group, which in 2017 got famous within Swedish dental care with their hit ”Ont i sin tand”. The group consists of singers, filmmakers and editors who together record parodies about dental care and the life as a student.

Omar Abdelghani

Biofilmen (The Plaque)

The biofilm is a group whose purpose is to promote interest in cinema. They arrange movie nights at school and offer snacks.

President: Stina Erlandsson

Gums N’ Noses

The school band is playing, singing and stomping together! The goal is to organize gigs at various events such as sittings, dinners, etc. You don’t even have to know how to play en instrument before, you are welcome if you want to learn something new or just show off. If you have an interest in music and want to find someone to share it with, don’t hesitate to contact them!

President: Alexander Sydoff

The Germ Layers (plant group)

The student union’s group for hobby botanics! The group arranges plant cutting exchanges, trips to botanical gardens and other activities. 

Presidents: Fanny Holmgren and Elin Nordström